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Location: Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel (375 South Moorland Road Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005) - Downstairs in the Moorland Rooms

When: March 2-4, 2018

Cost: (see Judge benefits below)
Fees: Entire weekend - $15 admission (walk in is $20) plus event fees (look for specific costs for example RPG's are $3 per slot, boardgames have no event fees, etc.).

Registration for fewer days is as follows
Saturday $15 (walk in $20)
Sunday $10 (walk in $15)

Approved clubs COWS, CIRCA, UWGB, Organized Play, Guilded Chaos, Milwaukee D&D Meetup Group, Madison Gaming, MAGE, receive a $5 discount (email Rick Brown, to be added to the approved club list). **Remember that this discount is for event fees only.

The Prereg period ends on 2/26/18.

Roleplaying Game Judging Benefits

Prizes - chosen at random but every judge typically ends up with something.

$10 off if you judge one slot for us and free admission if you judge 4 or more slots.

Judge crash space: For those judges that judge 5 or more slots we try to provide a space to sleep at the Sheraton. We give priority to those travelling from afar. Please arrange this ahead of time with Rick Brown so we know what to expect. This space is not guaranteed. Thanks!!



Look for Lon with Draxtar Games.

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