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Milwaukee Summer Revel
DDAL Sanctioned White Plume Mountain (5-10)
By Lawrence Schick APL 5-10
Lawrence Schick, the author of White Plume Mountain, wrote the adventure as a way persuading Gary Gygax to hire him as a game designer. Not only did he get the job, but White Plume Mountain became an instant favorite when it was published in 1979. The version of the adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal is sanctioned for Adventurers League play and tailored for characters of level 5-10.
 Greg Verdino
 Sean Mittelstaedt
 John Vilandre
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
 Bryon PetrieNone Selected0
 Eric WebergNone Selected0
 Rex JoynerAlejandroSorceror 8/Bard 210
 Fred StraussHilbert Rockseeker (DD5E)Dwarf Life Cleric/Sorcerer9
 Ben StraussLeopardstar (DDEX)Human Barbarian Outlander7
 Oz ~None Selected0
 Michael JonesNone Selected0
 Stephen R HancharNone Selected0
 Sam ShircelNone Selected0
 Jeremy NagornyNone Selected0
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 shawn durrNone Selected0
 Mike SlikerAidoneusWarlock 7 pact of the chain. (Scout Imp)8
 Michael HesprichNone Selected0
 Shayne SchelinderNone Selected0
 Bruce WelchNone Selected0
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Brenna KellyNone Selected0
 mark kellyNone Selected0
 Jack KellyNone Selected0
 Nolan KellyNone Selected0
 Geri CochraneNone Selected0
 Brandon OsborneNone Selected0
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 Benjamin O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
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