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Milwaukee Summer Revel
DDEP06-02 Return to White Plume (5-16)
By Claire Hoffman APL 5-16
New information has tarnished the reputation of the wizard Kelvan. Can he really be complicit in the kidnapping of a high priestess and the disappearance of others in the area around White Plume Mountain? Or is he simply the pawn of a much greater power? A D&D Adventurers League Epic for characters level 5-16
 Jeremy Vosberg
 Will Robbins
 Melissa Holm
 Mike Clarke
 Phil Tobin
 Chris Van Houten
 David N Krolnik
 Oz ~
 Sean Mittelstaedt
 Shayne Schelinder
 James Wesley
 Aaron Slotness
 Jay Knute
 Josh Elliott
 Lindsay Elliott
 Jenny Carson
 Claire Hoffman
 Kassandra VosbergNone Selected0
 Jack ReidSeth OnydricLore Bard 12 / Light Cleric 113
 Timothy McNeilLady Violetta "Vee" RoseRogue/Ranger/Bard/Sorcerer (1/8/1/2); Toolbox. LA12
 Jeremy ElferingNone Selected0
 Mac ElferingNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoKalvin Rogue/Cleric16
 Brett MyersNone Selected0
 Britainney PetrieNone Selected0
 Lyle ClevelandNone Selected0
 BreeAnn WilkesNone Selected0
 Bryon PetrieNone Selected0
 Andrew NormanBrindelBattlerager!11
 Chad NelsonNone Selected0
 Tom HamamiNone Selected0
 Brayden HildreNone Selected0
 Greg SimonNone Selected0
 Kevin KirwinFaust UlgraveFighter16
 Rex JoynerAlejandroSorceror 8/Bard 210
 Michael JonesNone Selected0
 Ben RabinNone Selected0
 Chris StonerSiyal ThudrirRogue(5)/Fighter(11)16
 Matt BerryKhape (5th)Valor Bard 9 / Archery Fighter 110
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
 alan rogersNone Selected0
 Geri CochraneNone Selected0
 Jeff ObarskiNone Selected0
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 William BoudnikDurosDemon Hunter (Tank or Ranged)15
 Brenda BoudnikNone Selected0
 Rick BrownGazagDruid3
 Eric WebergNone Selected0
 Peter KostWhiteFangBarbarian(4) / Fighter (12)16
 Joshua O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
 Donald Clark Kismet DribblePaladin/Wiz, Lucky Tank9
 Garrett BrayDaardendrian KrivOath of the Ancients Dragonborn Paladin8
 Guy MartelleDuredhelWood Elf Rogue/Ranger14
 Kailey SmithNone Selected0
 Armando RonconiNone Selected0
 Jeff CauwelsNone Selected0
 Todd HansonNone Selected0
 Jonathan NankNone Selected0
 Greg VerdinoTeslar MenloTempest Cleric11
 Stephen R HancharNone Selected0
 Sam ShircelNone Selected0
 Brett RobinsonNone Selected0
 Jeremy NagornyNone Selected0
 shawn durrNone Selected0
 Brandon SchmidtNone Selected0
 Eric EngstromNone Selected0
 Mike SlikerAidoneusWarlock 7 pact of the chain. (Scout Imp)8
 Michael HesprichNone Selected0
 Michael SchultzNone Selected0
 Dayton SchultzNone Selected0
 Bruce WelchNone Selected0
 Terese NelsonAtalaMonk14
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Brenna KellyNone Selected0
 mark kellyNone Selected0
 Jack KellyNone Selected0
 Nolan KellyNone Selected0
 John VilandreMagni IngrinarYep, Fighter. And stuff.0
 Brandon OsborneNone Selected0
 Benjamin O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
 Sandy PalmerSarianna GalanodelWizard13
 Jeff SpapperiNone Selected0
 Elliott WeixNone Selected0
 Ryan CarlsonNone Selected0
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