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Milwaukee Summer Revel
PFS Sanctioned The Godsmouth Heresy (1-2)
By Rob McCreary APL 1-2
Deep below the anarchic city of Kaer Maga, someone—or some thing—has begun stealing corpses from the city’s most prestigious tomb, the Godsmouth Ossuary. Fearing the worst, the clerics of Pharasma in charge of maintaining the crypts quietly call for aid, not wanting to risk their own members in combating whatever horrors may have crept in from the tunnels and hidden chambers of the legendary Undercity. Yet when the PCs venture below the closed-off sections of the crypt, what they find may be more than they bargained for. For beneath the infamous crypt lies a temple from an ancient empire devoted to sin, and a former Pharasmin cleric who’s weathered his goddess’s wrath to create an army of undead minions, their dead flesh standing ready to support his heretical plans. An urban and dungeon adventure for 1st-level characters.
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 Steven BestAdriaSpiritualist2
 Sebastian BestNone Selected0
 Fred StraussCrystal Mayhem (PFS)Gnome Cleric1
 Guy MartelleArcher FletcherFighter2
 Matthew LenzenNoda HeelaPaladin2
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