Milwaukee Summer Revel
>>Milwaukee Summer Revel:Show Players || June 24, 2017, 10:30 am
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Milwaukee Summer Revel
Cthulhu Dreaming Ward
By APL -
The advert appeared in the newspaper, but it was unlike any other that day: "SUFFERING FROM NIGHTMARES? UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL SEEKS WILLING PARTICIPANTS IN DREAM THERAPY STUDY. Successful applicants will be paid $5 a night (3 nights accommodation and meals provided) to participate in a study of their dreams, leading to possible treatment. Group therapy involved. Confidentiality assured. Please contact the Office of Dr Randall Thorne to arrange an appointment." What can go wrong in three nights in the psychiatric wing of a university hospital? Classic style adventure with pre-generated characters provided.
 Michael Maenza
 Heather LumbNone Selected0
 Sebastian WeberNone Selected0
 Greg MarksNone Selected0
 Christopher RiffNone Selected0
 Thomas BohlaMelanie Crafttwice molested 6 yr old, sexual deviant0
 Phil TobinNone Selected0
 rob silvaMr. Awesomegod/ bringer of awesome11
 Geri CochraneNone Selected0
 Rydia VielehrChez McDoodleDragonborn Paladin of Bahamut6
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