Dan's Con of the Vale
>>Dan's Con of the Vale:Show Players || December 17, 2017, 3:53 pm
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Dan's Con of the Vale
DDAL00-02D Lost Tales of Myth Drannor 4: Echoes of the Weeping War (5-10)
By Bill Benham APL 5-10
Over 700 years ago the Army of Darkness raged through Cormanthor before breaking the proud city of Myth Drannor. Rumors tell of powerful magic lost deep in the Darkwood, now supposedly found, that harkens back to that terrible war.

 Melissa Holm
 Will Robbins
 Sean Mittelstaedt
 David N Krolnik
 William Boudnik
 Paul Kulbitski
 Aaron MarraNatalya NightsongWizard / Fighter / Monk (Swordmage)11
 Jeremy VosbergNone Selected0
 Kassandra VosbergNone Selected0
 Brayden HildreNone Selected0
 BreeAnn WilkesNone Selected0
 Greg SimonNone Selected0
 Tom HamamiNone Selected0
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyNone Selected0
 Andrew NormanZar'nashRanger7
 Jeremy NagornyNone Selected0
 Eric WebergBroding DarkskyPaladin/Warlock, Fey flavored10
 Ron GoodwinNone Selected0
 shawn durrNone Selected0
 Brett RobinsonNone Selected0
 Mark FischerNone Selected0
 Carolyn FischerNone Selected0
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 Christine DziadoszNone Selected0
 Michael HesprichNone Selected0
 Colin "Mitch" MitchellNone Selected0
 Karen ForshallQullathe FrostWarklock1
 Stephen R HancharNone Selected0
 David MitchellNone Selected0
 Abijah MitchellNone Selected0
 Oz ~None Selected0
 Jack ReidCritiasLife Cleric9 / Fighter 110
 Jack ScheirerNone Selected0
 Elliott WeixNone Selected0
 Evelyn ObarskiNone Selected0
 Vivian ObarskiNone Selected0
 Matthew ImhoffNone Selected0
 Brenda BoudnikNone Selected0
 Caleb ZutavernNone Selected0
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