Milwaukee Summer Revel
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Milwaukee Summer Revel
DDAL07-15 Streams of Crimson (17-20)
By William Murakami-Brundage and Iam Pace APL 17-20
The Soulmonger is shattered and its pieces scattered across the peninsula of Chult. Dire forces seek out those shards for their own nefarious purposes, and the Red Wizards are rumored to have found a number of them already. Can you wrest those necromantic artifacts from the hands of the dread mages? Part One of the Broken Chains Series.

 Mike Sliker
 David N Krolnik
 Matthew Imhoff
 Jack Reid
 Joseph Irizarry
 Joe AlfanoRomeroswashbuckler 12 champion 618
 Nick AlfanoNone Selected0
 Michael JonesHalcyonTotem Warrior(3) / Bladelock(15)18
 Tom HamamiNone Selected0
 Bryon PetrieNone Selected0
 Aaron MarraAlessa NightsongPaladin / Warlock / Sorceress19
 Greg SimonNone Selected0
 BreeAnn WilkesNone Selected0
 Melissa HolmXenaverRanged Rogue18
 Brenda BoudnikNone Selected0
 Todd AmmermanNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoLowfyrFighter-Paladin / Tank17
 Will RobbinsRowanDruid18
 Paul KulbitskiNone Selected0
 Brayden HildreNone Selected0
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 shawn durrSir Gregor 9 Fighter 5 Barbarian 3 Ranger17
 andrew KujawaNone Selected0
 andrew KujawaNone Selected0
 Samantha StrookNone Selected0
 Erik PeotterNone Selected0
 Brandon SchmidtNone Selected0
 Colin "Mitch" MitchellRob de la CroixMaster of the Arcane17
 Jeremy ElferingNone Selected0
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