Dan's Con of the Vale
>>Dan's Con of the Vale:Show Players || September 24, 2018, 7:26 pm
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Dan's Con of the Vale
DDAL07-16 Pools of Cerulean (17-20)
By Alex Lindsay APL 17-20
The Land of Ash and Smoke was once home to a wizard’s sprawling complex and although the balor and its minions are now destroyed, evidence has come to light that more than a little of the arcane enclave was shifted into the Abyss. Where such magics take hold, the world strains to contain such power. Some speak of the land rippling like water, and the air boiling into murderous mist, and of powerful abominations that step out of thin air. Part Two of the Broken Chains Series.
 Matt Berry
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Doug SeipelPolous the “Ghast”Fighter - Polearm/Sentinel17
 Matthew ImhoffNone Selected0
 Mark DavisNone Selected0
 Cody OsborneHazimSpecialist17
 Brody TraceyRazeemSpecialist17
 Sandy PalmerSarianna GalanodelWizard17
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