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Milwaukee Summer Revel
CCC-CIC-11 Death at Peril Island (5-10)
By Shawn Merwin APL 5-10
Ships approaching Peril Island rarely survive the dangerous reefs. Sailors who have braved the shores speak of terrible beasts. Now the island seems to be an important link in an ongoing mystery. Pull those rowboats to the shore and prepare for the worst. The second adventure in the Pilgrimís Progress trilogy. A Four-Hour D&D Adventurers League Convention for 5th- 10th Level Characters, brought to you by Cold Iron Conventions and Draxtar Games.

 Sean Mittelstaedt
 rob silva
 Todd Ammerman
 Rex JoynerNone Selected0
 Matt BerryNone Selected0
 Bruce ArmsterdNone Selected0
 Corey KoebernickNone Selected0
 Joshua O'Connor-RoseNone Selected0
 Ian PinskerEmi ConcertinaConjurer Wizard10
 Shayne SchelinderNone Selected0
 Dennis ReeceNone Selected0
 Caleb ZutavernNone Selected0
 Logan BemowskiNone Selected0
 Samantha StrookNone Selected0
 Erik PeotterNone Selected0
 tracy siersNone Selected0
 Jonathan NankNone Selected0
 Greg SmithNone Selected0
 Danielle ObmannVolteCleric 5/Fighter 16
 Kimberly LemrickNavinnaSorcerer5
 Armando RonconiNone Selected0
 Todd HansonNone Selected0

 Michael Guilmette
 James Wesley
 Sean Mittelstaedt
 Danielle Obmann
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0
 Mike SlikerNone Selected0
 Max RaymondNone Selected0
 Aaron MarraVallisPaladin / Sorcerer 9
 Andrew NormanNone Selected0
 Gregory VerdinoNone Selected0
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 Jack ReidNone Selected0
 Darrin AndersonNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoSetok BloodaxeWar Cleric 6th level and Figther 1st level7
 Sandy PalmerNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 Nelle DonaghueNone Selected0
 David JepsonNone Selected0
 Sam ShircelNone Selected0
 Eric WebergShark PlumageCleric/Bard reveller, healer, and scoundrel8
 Jeremy NagornyNone Selected0
 Stuart ReidMelanie MinoruWarlock. Tourist.9
 shawn durrCaetano7 Paladin 3 Fighter10
 Stephen R HancharNone Selected0
 Rick SteberlSir Malichai ReylithPaladin - 2/Sword Bard - 46
 Dee Dee ColletteAndreaHuman Fighter 6
 Raymond ColletteNone Selected0
 Ashley EmmonsNone Selected0
 Mike SteinerNone Selected0
 Max SteinerNone Selected0
 Jenna SchmittNone Selected0
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