Dan's Con of the Vale
>>Dan's Con of the Vale:Show Players || January 18, 2019, 3:53 pm
Dan's Con of the Vale
DDAL-ELW02 Boromar Ball (1-4)
By Bill Benham APL 1-4
The trail of a stolen letter leads the characters to an extravagant party thrown by Sharn’s most powerful criminal family. At this ball, the wrong dance step means death! This part of the new DDAL Eberron campaign.

 Joshua O'Connor-Rose
 Rick Brown
 Gloria IrizarryNone Selected0
 Joseph IrizarryNone Selected0
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0
 Frank BehrensNone Selected0
 Ruth ImhoffNone Selected0
 Melissa HolmNone Selected0
 David ElliottNone Selected0
 Will RobbinsNone Selected0
 BreeAnn WilkesNone Selected0
 Dennis LassiterDoykell DeenveeRanger Gloomstalker4
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
 Paul KulbitskiNone Selected0
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 Greg SimonNone Selected0

 Joshua O'Connor-Rose
 Guy Martelle
 Joe AlfanoNone Selected0
 Nick AlfanoNone Selected0
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 Michael JonesNone Selected0
 David JepsonNone Selected0
 Michael SchultzNone Selected0
 Dayton SchultzNone Selected0
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 James WesleyNone Selected0
 Christine DziadoszNone Selected0
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