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Dan's Con of the Vale
CCC-ODFC02-02 Palace of the Efreeti (5-10)
By Y. Michael Zhang APL 5-10
A young Mulmaster nobleman attempts to revive the Cult of Eternal Flame by seeking out the patronage of a powerful being. His relatives have hired you to stop his plans and bring him home, even if you must chase him across the planes and over the Sea of Fire to do so. A four-hour adventure for 5th - 10th level characters. This adventure contains dangerous planar exploration, social intrigue with otherworldly beings, an intricate puzzle in a lava-filled room (with multiple versions for repeat players), and combat encounters in unique environments that provide the DM with optional tools to challenge even the most capable of parties. Palace of the Efreeti also features NPCs that were first introduced in DDEX2-15 Black Heart of Vengeance and there are additional story tie-ins for characters who have played that adventure. However, knowledge of Black Heart of Vengeance is not necessary to understand and enjoy this adventure.

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