Dan's Con of the Vale
>>Dan's Con of the Vale:Show Players || January 18, 2019, 3:50 pm
Dan's Con of the Vale
CCC-MIND01-01 Lost in Thought (11-16)
By Jay Anderson APL 11-16
With the liberation of Phlan, refugees from the city have been invited back to start their lives anew. But trouble strikes when one family of refugees goes missing while on the road to Phlan. The new Chancellor seeks answers. Will the adventurers find out what happened to the missing refugees or will they be lost forever?

 Sean Mittelstaedt
 James Wesley
 Joseph AdlesickNone Selected0
 Michael JonesRat ToeLife Cleric(1) / Lore Bard(12)13
 Jack ReidNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoNone Selected0
 Sanjay SebastianNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 Chris StonerHavekSword Bard(14)/Hexblade(1)15
 Dee Dee ColletteAndreaHuman Fighter 6
 Jenna SchmittNone Selected0
 Donald Clark None Selected0
 Jeff TarrasNone Selected0
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0

 Danielle Obmann
 Rick Brown
 Gloria IrizarryNone Selected0
 Joseph IrizarryNone Selected0
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Garrett BrayNone Selected0
 Matt BerryNone Selected0
 Aaron MarraNatalya NightsongWizard / Fighter / Monk (Swordmage)12
 Justin SchubertGeffenRogue11
 Greg SmithNone Selected0
 Eric WebergBroding DarkskyPaladin/Warlock, Fey flavored13
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