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Milwaukee Summer Revel
DDEP08-03 Last Orders at the Yawning Portal (11-16)
By Ashley Warren, Will Doyle APL 11-16
Durnan has closed the Yawning Portal Tavern and has mysteriously disappeared back down the well into the dungeons of Undermountain. His old adventuring companion Mirt has put down his tankard and taken up his sword to find him, but he canít do it alone. Adventurers gather from afar to answer his call and rescue one of the cityís most iconic heroes. Will YOU join them?
 Mike Sliker
 David N Krolnik
 Ian Pinsker
 Jeff ObarskiNone Selected0
 Gloria IrizarryNone Selected0
 Alan RogersNone Selected0
 Zack HawkinsNone Selected0
 Britainney PetrieNone Selected0
 Lyle ClevelandNone Selected0
 Garrett BrayNone Selected0
 Max RaymondNone Selected0
 Rick SteberlJaeger StoutshieldFighter 11 - Sword and board battlemaster11
 Maddelyn VanicelliNone Selected0
 Danielle ObmannRasia De'nebRogue 5/Warlock 611
 Aaron MarraStasiRogue & Monk (Shadowdancer)12
 Jeremy ElferingNone Selected0
 Mac ElferingNone Selected0
 Alex EwendNone Selected0
 Jake ShyerNone Selected0
 Justin SchubertNone Selected0
 Ashley EmmonsNone Selected0
 Travis DunlapWaggletop StonefootGrave Cleric/Eldritch Knight11
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 Kevin LademannNone Selected0
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