Milwaukee Summer Revel
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Milwaukee Summer Revel
DDEP08-03 Last Orders at the Yawning Portal (17-20)
By Ashley Warren, Will Doyle APL 17-20
Durnan has closed the Yawning Portal Tavern and has mysteriously disappeared back down the well into the dungeons of Undermountain. His old adventuring companion Mirt has put down his tankard and taken up his sword to find him, but he can’t do it alone. Adventurers gather from afar to answer his call and rescue one of the city’s most iconic heroes. Will YOU join them?
 Michael Jones
 Matthew Imhoff
 Nick Alfano
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0
 Jack ReidNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoKalvin Rogue 12th /Cleric 8th20
 Timothy McNeilLady Violetta “Vee” RoseRogue/Ranger/Bard/Sorcerer (3/8/4/5); Toolbox.20
 Bryan MikolajewskiKane MarrokRogue/ Fighter/ Warlock19
 Joe AdlesickNone Selected0
 Rex JoynerNone Selected0
 Jacob DelMauroNone Selected0
 William BoudnikNone Selected0
 Sean Mittelstaedtotherunknown0
 Bruce ArmsterdNone Selected0
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Chris StonerNone Selected0
 Donald Clark Diana Pealscout/spy/damage18
 Benjamin MillsNone Selected0
 Jenna SchmittNone Selected0
 Glenn HarrisNone Selected0
 Jeff TarrasNone Selected0
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