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Milwaukee Summer Revel
S&WLite1 The Wizard's Amulet
By Clark Peterson & Bill Webb APL 1-1
The Wizard’s Amulet is a short, introductory adventure for six newly created good-aligned 1st-level characters. The adventure revolves around Corian, a fledgling Sorcerer. While an apprentice, Corian discovered a letter written by a wizard named Eralion, who it is said some years ago attempted to become a lich—and failed. Accompanying the letter was a mysterious amulet with strange markings. Joined by newfound companions, Corian set off in search of Eralion’s keep and his supposedly-unguarded treasure. But Corian is not alone in desiring to unlock the mystery of Eralion’s fate. Darker, more evil forces have designs on the secrets reputedly hidden with Eralion—forces willing to stop at nothing to obtain ... The Wizard's Amulet! Pre-generated characters provided. The adventure continues in The Crucible of Freya in a later slot, but players are not required to sign up for both. Come on 'n get your Old School Adventuring on! Swords & Wizardry is the game you played 20 years ago. It’s true to the original style and philosophy that made the game great. Simple, flexible rules that allow players and game masters alike to roll play and roleplay. Its easily transferable as a rules set for other retro-clone games as well as those old dusty modules you still have in the attic. Basically like 1st Edition of the world's most popular RPG.

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