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Dan's Con of the Vale
DDAL00-11e A Fire Grows in Cania (11-16)
By Lysa Penrose and Greg Marks APL 11-16
Some one offers the lovable imp Pipyap a favor. He just needs for you to go back to school and be the worst students you can. A tier 3 adventure optimized for 13th-level characters that takes place near Waterdeep, Avernus, and Cania; from Pipyap's Guide to All the Nine Hells.

 Ben Rabin
 Will Robbins
 Sean Mittelstaedt
 Jessica Scheirer
 Joe AdlesickNone Selected0
 Andrew NormanNone Selected0
 Mario DIgirolamoSar'renGrave Domain Cleric - 9th and 4th Lore Bard13
 Mike SlikerBaral Sha KuurGrave cleric13
 Michael JonesVanimonDivine Soul (12 / Life Cleric (1) / Hexblade (2)15
 Aaron MarraVallisDarksong Knight (Paladin of Eilistraee/ Sorcerer)12
 Timothy McNeilLady Hennistal “Henna” RoseProblem Solver (Stabby Bard, a little Rogue)16
 Allyson SchnablNone Selected0
 Jenna SchmittNone Selected0
 Rex JoynerNone Selected0
 Jeff ObarskiNone Selected0
 Chris StonerNone Selected0
 Ian PinskerNone Selected0
 Bruce ArmsterdNone Selected0
 gary brownNone Selected0
 Brian KlementNone Selected0
 Aaron SlotnessNone Selected0
 Justin SchubertNone Selected0
 Jack ReidSlazConquest Paladin12
 Michael SchultzBavislagNature Cleric14
 Dayton SchultzDravohkiinPrince of Tiamat14
 Shayne SchelinderNone Selected0
 Eric WebergShark PlumageCleric/Bard reveller, healer, and scoundrel11
 Joe AlfanoNone Selected0
 Nick AlfanoNone Selected0
 Lary WesleyNone Selected0
 satan clausNone Selected0
 Benjamin MillsNone Selected0
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