Dan's Con of the Vale
>>Dan's Con of the Vale:Show Players || January 23, 2020, 10:40 am
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Dan's Con of the Vale
Swords & Wizardry (AD&D 1e) The Lost City of Barakus Part 2
By W.D.B. Kenower and Bill Webb APL -
A mini-campaign for Dan's Con set in the Lost Lands; explore the unknown within and around the metropolis of Endhome! As the party pieces events together, will they succeed in finding the location of the Lost City? Select a pre-generated level 2 character or roll/role up your own at the table. It is the GM's intention to run one session each day and see how far the party can get. Playing this session is not a prerequisite to play in Part 3, nor is participation in Part 1 required to play this one. Returning Players will continue their character's (and the party's) journey from Part 1. Join up and have fun!

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